Have Money to Burn? Pay $20,000 for an iPod

So I would say that iPods are kind of popular right now. Everyone seems to have one of the many different iPods out there. I even see little kids with them.

Why not stand out a little and get the "golden" iPod shuffle. A German company called Xecoo has made an iPod shuffle from 18 carat gold. In order to pick one of these gold iPod shuffles, you need to have $20,000. That's right for a mere, $19,921 more than the cost of a regular iPod shuffle, you can have one made from gold (and yes, I said its the iPod shuffle, not the regular iPod or the iPod nano).

An iPod shuffle is 1.62 inches long, So you're paying more than $10,000 an inch. Anyone else see something wrong with that?

Via Gadgetizer .


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