Have Money to Burn? Shred a Diamond in a Blender

The average person wouldn't intentionally try to ruin or destroy a 1/2 carat diamond ring. You are probably wondering who would ever do that? Well, savvy jewelers are known to do some interesting things to promote their products.

Recently, the folks at Abazias Diamonds did something that's never been done before in order to grab some media attention and promote their engagement ring website at Abazias.com.

Diamonds are known as the hardest substances in the world. But how hard are they really?

Ever wonder how much abuse your diamond ring could actually take? Ever wonder what would happen to your "ice" if you put your diamond engagement ring in a blender and turned on the "crush ice" button? Well, wonder no more!

Abazias answers this question by putting one of its diamond engagement rings in a blender to see what would happen. Then, they share their diamond ring in a blender experiment with the world in a video for anyone interested in seeing it.

In the video, a woman in a white lab coat by the name of Shelly takes a beautiful 1/2 carat radiant diamond set in a 14K gold band and puts it in a blender with some water. On Abazias.com, it seems a ring similar to the one they used for the experiment would easily cost over $2,000.

So, do you think the blender gets totally mangled or does the diamond ring get pulverized?

Obviously, the blender (Blendtec Total Blender) that Abazias uses is pretty powerful because it turns the diamond ring into a fine dust.

I'm curious. How many times do you think Abazias practiced with real diamonds prior to recording this video just to make sure everything would work?

Have money to burn? See how fine a diamond dust you could create with your own blender.

For those of you who have more time than money, you can spend your time designing a fantasy engagement ring with Abazias' engagement ring builder tool.

I find it amusing that Abazias gives you the opportunity to build your own diamond ring, when they recently marketed their site by destroying one.

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