Have A New Home Exterior Building Product? Work With Ply Gem To Launch It!

Ply Gem is a leader in developing windows, trim, gutters and other top-notch goods for the outside of your home. If you have an innovative product that helps improve the exterior of a house, then you need to look into Ply Gem’s Build Forward program…


From now until December 15th, 2013, Ply Gem (The makers of Variform trim, Durabuilt vinyl siding and Kroy fencing) is looking for innovators, inventors, engineers and designers to pitch their best unreleased ideas for exterior products. Some of the perks for submitting your ideas include a range of collaborative arrangements that will net creative entrants a nice cash flow.


Ideas that Ply Gem is hoping to find involve new materials, installation technologies and manufacturing methods that will help the team improve upon its current line of products, while building new ones in the future. If you’re already in the housing industry or have a good home improvement idea that you’ve never ran with, this could very well be your big break!


The best way to impress Ply Gem with your invention submission is to be as clear and direct with how helpful and original the idea is with your descriptions, documents and illustrations. Click here to enter your idea into the Build Forward program, but remember that you only have until December 15th to send it in! Good luck, exterior innovators!

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