Have Your Soup With An Edible Spoon

This is probably the biggest development in eating utensils since the creation of the spork. The Edible Spoon is the ultimate in environmentally-friendly "disposable" spoons. A plastic spoon in a landfill can take up to a thousand years to degrade enough to return to nature. Once you've digested the Edible Spoon along with your beans and brown rice, the hard part is done.

 Edible SpoonsEdible Spoons

Eating your spoon is the sort of thing that every kid from 8 to 80 has been dreaming of ever since Gene Wilder sang about being able to eat the dishes in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It is also the dream of every person who hates to do the dishes and would rather have them just vanish instead.

 Edible SpoonsEdible Spoons

These spoons are made of 100% organic corn flour and whole wheat flour (plus a few other necessaries like baking powder), so they are healthy as well. The spoons come in three types: plain, spicy, and sweet. The taste itself is fairly neutral so that it won't interfere with the taste of your cuisine.

Edible SpoonsEdible Spoons

The spoon is also designed so that it won't just dissolve into your favorite recipes. It will start to gently break apart if you take long enough to eat. Or you can break off bits to munch on as you make your way through. Just be careful not to run out of spoon before you run out of beef stew or you'll end up sopping up that last bit with your fingers. Although, truth be told, that is also an environmentally sound option. You just may never get invited to another social event again.

Serve the spoons with your secret chili recipe in a bread bowl and you've served dinner and cleaned up in one move. You would have dishes and side dishes all in one. 

Now we just need a salad fork that is actually made out of salad.

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