Hay, What's That Thing Out There?

What is 36 feet tall and made out of hay? No, not a giant scarecrow.

The fine folks at Snugburys Ice Cream Farm, in Hurleston celebrate summer each year by building something gigantic. It started in 1998 with a giant Millennium Dome sculpture, then a replica of the Lovell telescope. Last year was a huge Big Ben clock and now this massive sculpture of a meerkat.

Chris Sadler and his wife Cheryl are the ones that come up with the design every year. A man named Mike Harper is the one that builds these sculptures. First he builds a steel skeleton that is then stuffed with hay.

"Everyone loves meerkats, especially my wife, so we thought it would be a good idea. We start planning it in January and then have a big push stuffing it at the end which takes about a month. People absolutely adore it – it says that it cheers them up, and it doesn’t cost them anything," says Harper.

I wonder what they do every year when it needs to come down. Do they pay some local arsonist to set it on fire and watch it burn? Do they bring in hundreds of horses and have a hay-eating party?

I'd love to play a prank on my neighbors and have this thing show up in their backyard one day. Since having my dog repeatedly poop in their yard only got me a warning from the city, then I wonder what this would do.


Source: DailyMail