Haz Is A New Smart Umbrella

Let it rain, let it rain, and let it rain.

A new umbrella that has been developed by an inventor out of Taipei, Taiwan, is smart on every level.

Called Haz, this new invention is being hailed as the world’s first motorized umbrella among gadget enthusiasts.

Yes, this new invention will certainly “break the mold in umbrella design.”

“In the past, you might have bought an umbrella expecting to use it only for a short while before losing it,” explains Harry Hu, the brainchild behind the invention.

“Now, our virtuoso team has been working hard to bring state-of-the-art technology to the umbrella industry and create the world’s first smart umbrella that you can be proud to hang on to. So if you’re heading out to tackle the world, we think you’ll find that the Haz Umbrella is an indispensable part of your ensemble.” 

Be Hip. Be Haz

There are many unique features that this umbrella offers.

What’s really neat about it is that it is motorized. So with the push of a button Haz opens and closes, and retracts with ease. The motor, cutting-edge in every sense, is powered by a rechargeable LIB  (Li-Ion Battery) which lasts a long time. The days of your umbrella not opening or closely properly is now a thing of the past, according to Hu.

And even better is that you can sync Haz up with your smartphone. Through its Location Tracking feature you will receive notifications reminding you where your umbrella is in the event you can’t find it. Click open the app, then click on the map and the location of your umbrella will pop up on your smartphone. The Location Tracking feature has a range of almost 100 feet. If your umbrella is not within that range you will still receive a notification of where you last left it.

The Haz app also sends you notifications on the weather as it changes. So well before it rains you will get an alert to let you know that you will need to have your Haz umbrella on hand before heading outside. The app also provides notices of high UV levels, which is another added bonus.

Do You ‘Haz’ Your New Smart Umbrella Yet?

Everything is online. Everything is automatic. Everything is oh-so-simple,” says Hu. “In an internet-connected era, it’s only natural that your umbrella be the same.”

Haz comes in a variety of colors: Red, Green, Black, Navy Blue, Light Blue and Yellow. You get to pick the color that suits your style. This new smart umbrella is only $69.00.

Haz Smart Umbrella HandleHaz Smart Umbrella Handle

Sure, Haz looks and sounds unique. The question is this: will it be a hit on the market?

There’s no doubt that this invention will sell in a big way. Haz will help protect everyone from the rain and high UV levels. And most of all it has lots of beneficial features on the technology front which is an added plus.

This umbrella is a cut above the rest. Yes, you just ‘Haz’ to get one.

You can find out more about the Haz Umbrella here.