HD Without the Wires: Rocketfish WirelessHD Adapter

Looking for a way to pair your inferior wireless audio with equally lower quality HD video? You better have an extra $600 lying around.

While connecting a Blu-ray player and HDTV may not be a problem, what about a computer that sits at the opposite end of the living room? Alternately, what if you hang the TV on the wall and don't want a wire or ugly conduit hanging down below? Wireless HDMI connection would certainly make for a neater, easier way of fully connecting any HDTV.

The Rocketfish WirelessHD adapter allows you to connect a 1080p component with the adapter and wirelessly transmit the video to your television. So you can mount the television onto the wall, stick the Blu-ray player or PS3 anywhere in the room you want and enjoy 1080p video content without the tangle of wires running in various directions. 

The adapter works up to 32 7/8'--apparently that extra 1/8 inch needed for a round 33' was unobtainable. It supports 7.1 surround sound and up to a 120 Hz refresh rate. I assume it uses radio waves and can work through walls, but the product page doesn't specify and mentions placing the components "elsewhere in the room", so maybe it needs a clear line of sight. 

On the downside, the Rocketfish costs $599.99 and only includes one input--so if you have multiple components, it looks like you'll need multiple $600 adapters. Not necessarily a cost-effective solution, but a nice option for those who care about looks more than cost. Available now at Best Buy.

Best Buy via Dvice