HDTV For Just $100? Japan's Pixela Prodia TV Channels Cheapness


The Prodia PRD-LA103-16 from Japan's Pixela Corp. could be the world's first terrestrial digital high-definition LCD TV to break the $100 barrier.

Consumer electronics using new technology is typically expensive, at least at first. Sooner or later though, prices come down and patient buyers can save some green as their reward. In the case of the Prodia PRD-LA103-16 from Pixela, however, the Japanese government is rewarding consumers for going green through their much lauded Eco Points program.

The Prodia offers 1366x768 high-definition resolution in a 16:9 widescreen display at a low price IF Japanese buyers unload an old CRT set as a trade-in that gives them Eco Points.

The net result, according to Pixela, is that the new TV will cost only 10,000 yen or around $110 at current exchange rates. That dollar price will only shrink as the Japanese yen continues to strengthen.

Cheapness is one thing, quality is another - and the Prodia PRD-LA103-16 won't disappoint when used as a second TV in a smaller room. Measuring 383mm wide × 265mm high × 64mm deep (15.3 x 10.6 x 2.56 inches), the Prodia is rated at a low 26 watts power consumption and is designed with sleek modern styling in your choice of matte black or white. (via CNN-GO and Pixela Corp.)