The Fitness Challenge equals The Biggest Loser, home version

Fitness is a big word in America these days. As our population swells, not just in numbers but also into double, triple and quadruple X sizes, more and more inventions hit the market to help the average citizen achieve their fitness goals. We have Presidential Fitness Challenges, machines that jiggle us into fitness, and Jarrod's famous Subway diet, but one of the best inventions out there, patent pending, is The Fitness Challenge . It appeals to our basic competitive nature, our love of rewards, and helps us get fit in the process.

Vicki Sorensen conceived of The Fitness Challenge in 1998, when she wanted to lose weight for her upcoming wedding. It didn't take much for Vicki to figure out that she and her fiancé were wannabe exercisersTM-people who lack the wherewithal to maintain a regular workout-so she came up with a game to help them achieve their goals. It consisted of a point system and rewards, designed to get then exercising three times a week for eight weeks-and it worked! By their wedding day, Vicki was wearing a size 6 and her fiancé had lost twenty pounds.

Two children later, Vicki turned to the game again, this time to lose sixty pounds. Instead of her husband, she played with her mother, Stephanie, who had broken her leg and was anxious to get back into shape, and things snowballed. They shared their game with neighbors and friends. People lost weight, and had fun in the process. Finally, distressed by the statistics concerning the U.S. obesity problem-one third of all adults in the United States are obese-Vicki and Stephanie decided to take action. They hired a team to help them, and with no previous experience, spent countless hours developing their game. Their dream became a reality.

The Fitness Challenge is a one-of-a-kin d reality board gameTM that includes a scoreboard, rule book, the fitness challenge contract, over 100 zany wagering coupons per player, star qualified list of exercises, re-usable star stickers, hanging kit (magnets and hooks) with instruction, two wager coupon clips and a dry erase marker. It is played out in real-life, with one dollar from the sale of every game going into the Fitness Challenge Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to support charities and community organizations that promote health and wellness, medical research, and family and children's issues. However, the greatest advantage is, The Fitness Challenge only takes two people and $30 to start. It's okay to be out of shape, the scoreboard helps you track your progress, and the wagers make the challenge fun. The game rules are designed to motivate by offering a wide variety of workout choices, and-with the help of your partner-you can hardly help but see results.

So, how do you know if you're a wannabe exerciserTM? According to The Fitness Challenge definition, you are a wannabe if "your health club membership doesn't remember you, your had to have set of weights is still waiting for you, you think sweat is for fevers and the flu, your jazzercise schedule is singing the blues, [and] you use your exercise equipment to dry fine washables." I think I qualify. I own a set of two pound weights I use for doorstops, cleaning my office can make me sweat, and my health club thinks I'm my daughter's best friend. Fortunately I have a number of friends who will wager. (Buy here)

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