What A Haircut - The Ingenious Use of Heads

Thought I'd look up on some happenings in the world of haircuts, hair technology, styling, colouring and the like...

keyed in a few relevant words...

hit the search button...

and look what I found!

I was shocked by the degree of skill evident in the hair cuts of these men. I tried my best to find the creator, and it was then that a few doubts started creeping in.

What if these images had been digitally created? In today's world of high tech gadgetry, it is not impossible.

After all Photoshop and many such other digital image manipulators exist and have been known to create wonders.

Whatever the case, the end result was hilarious.


Hats off to the barber, (if he exists), or the guy who created these on his PC.


Via: damncoolpics