Head Operated Mouse Helps The Handicapped Surf The 'Net

This is the Tracker Pro:

This thing is really small!This thing is really small!

Doesn't look like a computer mouse, does it?  But it is, though not in the standard sense.

What you see above is a tiny, high-resolution intelligent camera.  When plugged into a USB port, this little sucker tracks an equally as tiny reflective dot that is worn on the user's forehead.  Movement of the user's head is converted into computer mouse cursor movement.  Scrolling is simply performed by looking up or down.

Clicking the mouse "buttons" is accomplished via "ability switches" (switches connected to a computer by a switch interface; these are generally used by physically disabled individuals to access such programs as voice recognition software).  Clicking can also be performed with software such as MagicCursor2000 or WISP.

This little device is designed with the physically handicapped in mind, and can be used by individuals with such disabilities as Multiple Sclerosis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, quadriplegia, Muscular Dystophy, and Cerebral Palsy.   

But, truth be told, you don't have to have a disability to use it...

The Tracker Pro opens up a new realm of productivity (after a suitable amount of practice).  Using this device frees up your hands-they never have to leave the keyboard while typing.

And picture playing a First Person Shooter such as Halo with something like this.  I suspect it would be quite confusing at first-particularly when trying to figure out how subtly you have to move your head to turn around, all the while getting pummelled with bullets from your enemies.

Even with that initial bullet-riddled beating, I'd still like to try it out...

The Tracker Pro can be found at Spectronics.