Headis Is Just What It Sounds Like: Tennis With Your Head

Have a nice ping pong table set up but lost all the paddles? Use your head. No, seriously, use your head.

HEADIS (warning lots of intimidating German words on link) is a German venture looking to expand the utility of the average ping pong table to new and exciting sports. Specifically, their game involves smacking around a supersized, inflatable ping pong ball with your head.

The game, which was invented a couple years ago by German sports science student Rene Wegner sounds pretty simple: players are free to touch the table but can only handle the ball with their head. They then smack it back and forth to gain points just like ping pong.

Why not just play ping pong the old fashioned way? The sport of HEADIS was developed to get children a little more active and teach them coordination. It doesn't take an 8-year-old to figure out that head butting a giant ball is a helluva lot more fun than smacking a tiny one around with a paddle. 

The company actually sells special balls and pumps for the game, but we imagine potential Headis stars of the future could get by with those big, cheap bouncy balls that you find in the bucket of your local toy store. Apparently, the game's caught a cult following over in Europe where clubs and tournaments are popping up around Germany. Get serious quickly and you might just be a rising in the international rankings. 

Having trouble figuring out how you'd play? Check out a full video demonstration. It looks pretty fun, but I'd imagine a few matches would rattle your brain a bit. 

Via: the GearCaster