Headless Animal Stools Add Body(s) To Any Home Décor Scheme

Ever wonder what happens to the rest of a hunted critter once its head's been mounted on some overcompensating big game hunter's wall? No, they DON'T become furry ottomans and end tables but if they did, the result would look something like these eerie headless Animal Stools from Japan's Caina Design Shop.

Designed by Takumi, the wooden-legged stools are supposedly modeled after wolves and foxes with the larger size being the former and the smaller ones the latter. As such, your six different option combos based on faux fur colors are Wolf Gray Mix (small and large), Wolf Brown (small and large), Fox Gray (small only), and Fox White (small only).

The large pieces measure 340mm wide by 420mm long by 460mm tall (13.6 x 16.8 x 18.4 inches) and weigh 3.7kg (8.16 pounds) each. The small ones are 290mm wide by 360mm long by 330mm tall (11.6 x 14.4 x 13.2 inches) and tip the scales at 2.4kg (5.29 pounds). 

Not very heavy... but the prices certainly are: 29,400 yen (about $310) gets you a small Fox in white while at the top end 39,900 yen (about $420) buys you a large Wolf in either brown or gray mix. Paging Gwyneth Paltrow! 

Caina Design Shop recommends placing, say, a small headless white fox stool near the front door to “greet” children coming home from school. How charming! The kids can then sit on the odd ottoman while removing their shoes. Cute, huh? Especially if your family's named Addams.