Headlines From Around the World on Newseum.org

If you're a news junkie like the rest of us, you'd better take a look at Newseum's new addition to their website.  They've got headlines from around the world on a graphic interface that is both easy to navigate and comprehensive to the entire globe.  Also, you can check out the latest news from the Newseum in Washington, D.C.  Currently, they're holding an exhibit to honor 1,913 dead journalists who died covering the news.

Journos and readers alike will be drawn to the idea of having every newspaper front page at their fingertips, and that is the aim of Newseum.org's new addition.  The site displays a dragable map of the United States with orange dots over each of the cities in which a participating newspaper can be located.  Hover over the dot, and you've got a preview of today's front page!  Click and you'll be given an enlarged version of the front page,  enabling easy reading for us short-sighted folk.

If you've never heard of Newseum before, now's a perfect time to get involved in their events and exhibits.  The Newseum is located in Washington, D.C. and features historical exhibits of the nation's news.  From historical to contemporary, the 250,000 square-foot museum has something for everyone.  Who knows?  Even the most resistant visitor might become a newsie after a visit, and that's great news for everyone!

But seriously, folks, Newseum's front page addition to their website is worth more than just a look.  The new feature lets you get headlines from all over the country in seconds, and that's even faster than Twitter!  If you're interested in news and what goes on in the news media, you owe it to yourself to take a look at their new interface.  Every day brings exciting (and scary) new headlines, so why not post what you found today?  Let us know in the comments what Newseum's site brought you today.