Health Loop Outdoor Gym Helps Make Working Out More Understandable And More Fun

Health Loop Outdoor GymHealth Loop Outdoor Gym

Going to the gym can be daunting for some people. Some may find it hard to afford the costs or sort out the logistics to get to the gym. Outdoor gyms help thwart some of these obstacles, but they can be intimidating as well. Health Loop Outdoor Gym, with its attractive design and interactive stations, is a more inviting and user-friendly outdoor gym.

Health Loop is a concept designed by Alastair Warren. The idea was born out of our global need for physical activity. Children born today, in developing and developed countries, are expected to die five years earlier than their parents due to health consequences associated with inactivity and a poor diet. To combat this problem, cities and tows are giving their citizens more opportunities to get active, and so outdoor gyms are starting to pop up more and more.

Health LoopHealth Loop

However, even though exercise has become more accessible, it can still be intimidating for some. Warren identifies three primary challenges inactive people face when trying to become more active: intimadation, lack of understanding and lack of enjoyment. Health Loop addresses these challenges by making the gym experience easy to navigate and understand, interactive and inviting. 

The Health Loop caters to the fitness novice. There are no heavy weights in the Health Loop, no pull-up bars, no complicated machines and no jumping boxes. Instead, there are six stations, each with a clear purpose. At each station, you will get simple instructions on a digital screen and some coaching feedback from the station itself. For example, at the Balance Station (the first station in the Health Loop), you will hear, "Lean right," "Lean left," "Accuracy," and at the end, "Top work."

Balance StationBalance Station

Health Loop further cuts down on the intimidation factor by hiding the difficulty level at each station, and by utilizing the interactive display to keep the user's attention. In doing this, the user is focused on the exercise at hand and their own station, rather than what others are doing and whether or not people are watching them. 

Warren also designed Health Loop to look unique and unlike preexisting exercise equipment, which he hopes will help rid users of preconceived notions of exercise as this daunting task done on complicated machines.

Health Loop StationsHealth Loop Stations

Each of the Health Loop's six stations provide two exercise options, by giving resistance in both directions of a movement. For example there is a lifting and lowering station as well as a push and pull station. 

In addition to the six exercise stations, there is a drinking fountain, seats for rest time and a stretching station. Of course, these serve their named purpose, but they also give new users a chance to casually observe and get comfortable with the Health Loop happenings before committing to the loop. 

If he can get the Health Loop project up and running, Warren could provide inactive people with a comfortable starting point to get active. The Health Loop, with its user friendly stations and unintimidating layout, could be a new fitness trend. 

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