Healthcare Wearable For Kids Tracks Well-Being, Stress And Developmental Insights In Real Time

 Kiddo by Good Parents Inc.: Wellness tracker for kids 3-10 (image via Facebook)Kiddo by Good Parents Inc.: Wellness tracker for kids 3-10 (image via Facebook)


Wearable technology comes in many forms, but most of it is geared towards adults and even pets. Now, a company called Good Parents Inc., a health and wellness start-up operating out of San Francisco and Hong Kong, has come up with a health care wearable aimed at children ages 3 to 10 years of age that is said to track things like health, well-being, stress and development insights in real time through the use of an accompanying app. It’s funny that dogs would get their own wearable technology first, but better late than never on the childhood front.


The name of the new health wearable is Kiddo, and it’s the world's first smart band for kids to provide health and wellness oversight so that parents don't have to worry. According to their Website, parents tend to miss important things. To back this assertion up, they go on to ask if the public is aware “that 72 percent of children show negative behaviors of stress but only 20 percent of parents acknowledge that their child might be stressed.” Being a parent has evolved. Gone are the days of mom default mode, which included a thermometer and a cool hand on your forehead before placing a call to the family pediatrician.

 The Kiddo Wellness App: Real-time health information (image via Facebook)The Kiddo Wellness App: Real-time health information (image via Facebook)

Wearable Trackers

Wearable fitness trackers, sleep trackers, health trackers, even the doggy wellness tracker, all of them keep tabs on our activities or lack thereof. With Kiddo, though, it’s a way for parents to proactively engage in their children’s health. For instance, when we as humans first begin to feel cruddy, we are probably already days into exposure of something that is coursing through our systems trying to gain traction. Kids don’t always tell us when something is off, and it can be days before we notice. Obviously, the sooner you start treating them, the sooner they can begin the healing process.

Proactive Parenting

The thought is that with Kiddo’s rubber wearable featuring patented skin temperature and heart rate sensors you (as the parent or caregiver) will know the moment your child begins to develop an elevated temperature or becomes dehydrated. It’s that instant, real-time information that can give you the edge in dealing with the illness. It allows parents to be proactive in a way we’ve never seen before. The wearable itself is actually quite cute, resembling a kids’ watch adorned with different cartoon characters. Besides fun looks, it appears to be sturdy in its construction and waterproof.

Kiddo Keeps Track of Your Kids' Health: Wellness tracker for kids 3-10 (image via Facebook)Kiddo Keeps Track of Your Kids' Health: Wellness tracker for kids 3-10 (image via Facebook)

Health Metrics

If you’re wondering what, besides temperature and dehydration, the health tracker wearable can tell you, Kiddo tracks things like your child’s sleep (both the amount and quality), nutrition (including caloric intake), stress and activity levels and even tracks their growth using “advanced impedance sensors [that] keep track of your child’s growth, allowing you to compare with the typical healthy growth in their age group.” All of this information can be used at regular checkups and if/when your child should become ill. As with all of these trackers, it’s like keeping a paperless journal, which can be invaluable. If you’re interested, you can check out the Kiddo official Website for more information.