Healthy French Fries Are Just The Beginning For Actifry

If you love french fries or "chips" as the British call them, but you don't want to wear the grease on your belly or hips, Tefal® has the perfect deep fryer for you. It's called the Actifry, and it will cook fries for four with only one tablespoon of oil!

Tefal, aka T-Fal, which claims to be the inventor of non-stick cookware (but I'll not get into that), has been building its Nutritious and Delicious cookware, that aims to produce innovative products for people who enjoy rich foods but don't want to die from eating them. The Actifry fryer is the latest product to come from that line.

Not only can you fry 2 pounds of potatoes with a spoon of oil, but you can fry shrimp, chicken, vegetables, and a range of foods you haven't even considered frying. The Tefal Actifry accomplishes the fried food feat with just a spoon of oil, because its mixing arm, beneath the food, is constantly stirring the food, aerating it so that it doesn't get soggy and oiling it so that the food stays crisp. Here's how it works:

Actifry is at the low end of energy use for an electric fryer, having 400 watts of power. Actifry requires no warm-up time, it has an odorless filter, and all dirty parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

The bad news is that Actifry is not available yet in the U.S. The good news is that it is available online from several international online retailers like Electric Shopping, where about $220 plus shipping should do it for you!

Oct 12, 2008
by Anonymous


healthy french fries?!!?!! French fries needs to be unhealthy just like they are. I wish I could eat french fries every other day or at least once a week. Though they don't always turn out great at fast food places it depends on the one making them even though they probably have a set thing for how to do them it still depends on the person making them if they turn out great or just blah.

Nov 16, 2008
by Anonymous

This product is awesome!!

I got my hands on one of these units and I have to rant and rave about it. It makes delicious french fries, pineapple chicken, shrimps, etc. It's great and the best part, it's healthy without comprimising on taste!

Right now is selling the unit online for a limited time. Check it out!