Healthy Snacks Delivered To Your Office For A Grazing Lifestyle

Like cows, nutritional experts urge us humans to graze throughout the day; eating smaller portions of healthy snacks instead of binging during our 3 daily meals. A new company in the UK plays into this trend, by offering consumers a convenient method to snack. I bet their name won't come as a surprise either, accurately describing their nutritional services by calling themselves Graze.













I briefly touched upon Graze in a previous article, mentioning them as a company to watch for as an up-and-comer in the organic food and produce industry; number 7 on my top 10 industries of 2008 list. I think that in 2009, the success of these niche businesses will carry forward and we will continue to see the popularity of Graze grow in the market.

Graze smartly focuses upon career-oriented people as their target audience. If you've worked in a typical office, you know as well as I do that vending machines or snack bars can become your worst enemy and your best friend. When you're busy, it's hard to find time to step away from your desk for a healthy meal, and the most convenient snack options have the tendency to be junky. You might also be too focused upon packing snacks into the lunch bags of your children or spouse to worry about yourself; so until recently, your options were to binge or starve.










Graze opens our eyes to new opportunities in snacking; well, at least for those who live in the UK. Using a subscription model, consumers can select the categories of mixed products that they'd like to receive, including fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, savory snacks, natural indulgences or olives all of which are said to be hand-picked and free of artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives. Once they've selected their desired box sizes (based on daily serving portions) and frequency of delivery, Graze will compile the healthy items and have them delivered straight to your desk for your snacking pleasure.

To ensure that customers are satisfied with their shipments, Graze encourages feedback relating to how they felt about the mixes and specific tastes of products. They will then take your options to heart, and keep them in mind when preparing your future shipments.





If you'd prefer not to put so much thought into the process, it's also possible to select the option to have their nutritionists prepare your boxes based on your needs. All you have to select is whether you'd like foods designed to boost your energy, increase overall well-being, or to snack on pre or post-workout.

Graze's snacks are reasonably priced, starting at 2.29 GBP per box, including shipping straight to your mailbox with no signature required. To encourage new recruits, they are currently offering the first delivery for free, followed by a second discounted shipment at 1.14 GBP to give individuals a taste for what they have to offer.

While there is no doubt that there is an expanding market out there for companies like Graze today and into the New Year, you have to question if organic and healthy eating are just trends, or if they are lifestyle choices that will stick around. While I'm betting their fingers are crossed for the latter, only time will tell.