Heart Mate II Treats Advanced Heart Failure

Advanced Heart Failure TreatmentAdvanced Heart Failure Treatment

The first of its kind to be approved by the FDA, the Hear Mate II is one of the most advanced devices available for advanced heart failure treatment. For patients who are so sick that a transplant isn't an option, the Heart Mate II could not only mean surviving heart failure, but living a better quality life. About 5.7 million Americans live with heart failure.

About 10% of those people have advanced heart failure. When patients progress to this stage of heart failure treatment options become fewer and riskier. However, there are still options that can significantly improve the condition and quality of life of patients with advanced heart failure. A Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD), like the Heart Mate II, is one of those options.

Heart Mate IIHeart Mate II

Designed to help the left side of the heart pump blood, an LVAD doesn't replace the heart, but gives the body the oxygen-rich blood it needs. The Heart Mate II is a 3" long, 10 ounce LVAD that is run by a turbine engine. It is implanted into the abdomen, is small enough to be used on many patients, works for a number of years and is smaller and quieter than other LVADs.

In clinical trials, the Heart Mate II doubled the patient's chances of living two more years. Most patients with the Heart Mate II say they feel better and have more energy. Many are able to participate in activities they hadn't been able to enjoy for years, like travel, golf, playing an instrument and visiting family members. The Heart Mate II gives hope to those who had limited treatment options. 

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