Heart Shaped Bottle Caps Love To Be Twisted

The humble bottle cap, like the mousetrap, is one of those everyday items nobody would bother trying to improve. The designers at H-Concept are hardly nobodies, however, and their reinvented, heart-shaped bottle cap both looks and works better than its boring, single-use starting point.

Give full credit to SugiX, one of the in-house designers at H-Concept for coming up with this appealingly functional device. Crafted from PET plastic, the cap is engineered to work on most any threaded bottle top and it includes a soft o-ring to help make & keep a seal.

Formed in the shape of a heart - at least, a heart's upper half - the cap is also easier to open since the heart's twin flanges offer ideal leverageĀ  compared to the often slippery standard bottle cap that offers little in anything to get a grip on.

H-Concept continues to come up with great looking everyday objects that add style while upping their functionality quotients. I've covered their items before, such as the stress-reducing Cao Maru squishy face and Animal Rubberbands. The Heart Bottle Caps come in 13 opaque and translucent colors (12 actually, Solid Green is sold out), and cost 500 yen or about $5.55 each.