Hearwear: Interactive, Artistic, and Futuristic Clothing And Accessories With Environmental Awareness

Hearwear is more than just fashion, it's technology that puts fashion lovers in touch with technology in a unique way that's also visually captivating.

Hearwear BagHearwear Bag

The interactive designs included under the Hearwear line were created by Kim and Milena Berry, and every fashion accessory included under the line has a unique visual effect with incorporated light-up diodes. This line isn't just another example of Technicolor fashion; the accessories light up in response to noise in the environment, like the Hearwear bag, or create a visual effect when gently touched or brushed, as with the Hearwear skirt. The designers responsible for this interactive line of clothing plans to create more unique accessories and clothing items like belts, jackets and more, which will all incorporate the characteristic moving light patterns that respond to environmental triggers.

Via: Columbia News Service