Heat Your House With Candles For Pennies A Day With Egloo

Introducing the Egloo, an attractive candle-based heating element that will top up the internal temperature in a room by two or three degrees. Named as one of the top fifteen inventions for 2015 by MSN, the Egloo is an Italian invention that recently achieved close to 500% of the funding requested on Indiegogo.

Egloo Terracotta HeaterEgloo Terracotta Heater
Utilizing the natural heat storing capabilities of terracotta, the Egloo provides a portable, convenient, and eco-friendly method of warming up a 215 sq. foot (20 sq. meters) room for five hours, even after the candles have gone out. 

The Egloo is composed of four parts which together weigh less than one kilo, or two and a half pounds: the base, the grill, and two domes.

Four candles are placed on the base and lit, then the grill is put over the candles and fit into notches on the base to both support the domes and allow air in to feed the candle flames. The smaller, thinner dome is then put on top of the grill, and the larger dome over it.

Egloo DesignEgloo Design

The smaller dome absorbs the heat until it is between 140 and 180 degrees Celsius. Air between the two domes heats up, and is released slowly into the room through the hole at the top of the larger dome. Finally, the warmth is conveyed to the large, external dome, which heats to approximately 30 to 50 degrees Celsius and radiates heat into the room over its entire surface.

The Egloo was designed by Marco Zagaria, and the first prototypes were made on a potter's wheel by hand. When the design was perfected, the mold was then created by a 3D printer. 

The general idea of using terracotta pots and candles for making a DIY heater is not new. Directions to create your own heater are readily available on the Internet, on Pinterest for example. However, the design of the Egloo makes it more stable than homemade heaters and therefore safer - and it's certainly better looking. 

So whether you want to reheat your coffee, warm your hands, dry your nail polish, or of course, inexpensively heat the room, either experiment with the homemade design that suits you best, or give the Egloo a try.

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