Heat Up Your Bath With Color-Changing Tiles

The latest on the market to make bath time more fun are these wicked heat-reactive tiles from Ultra Glas. This architectural tile and glass company teamed up with Moving Color, a leader in heat-sensitive color-changing building materials, to develop the Ultra Bloom line.

Starburst, Squiggle and Sea varietiesStarburst, Squiggle and Sea varieties

These tiles "bloom" when a certain pre-determined temperature is reached, and are sure to bring some vibrance to wherever they're installed. They can even live outdoors as they are completely waterproof and can be fabricated with a UV filter. The colors can be set into motion via touch, water, steam or radiant heat, and when they cool the show takes place in reverse. Options are plentiful as they are all custom-designed to fit any color scheme, size, thickness, shape and even texture. Like a giant mood ring for your wall, only substantially pricier and a whole lot bigger.

it's getting hot in hereit's getting hot in here
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Jan 23, 2008
by Body Beauty

Cool find

My kids would love these.

Dec 31, 2008
by Anonymous


thats crazy

Dec 31, 2008
by Anonymous

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