Heated Dining Room Table Warms Legs, Makes Dining Cool

Tired of cooling your heels waiting for a hot meal to be served? The Stealth dining room table's built-in heat lamp keeps your legs warm even if dinner is served cold.

The "Stealth" dining room table by Hidakagu may look rather ordinary but it has a hidden feature that will warm the cockles of your heart... well, maybe a few inches below the cockles at least.

Built in to the underside of the table is a 360-watt Metro electric infrared heater, complete with timer. On chilly autumn or winter days when the air in typical thin-walled Japanese homes is cool enough to raise goosebumps, a few minutes of radiant infrared heat is more than welcome.

The heater can even be used at selected times in the summer when cold, stagnant air from air conditioning units can settle at leg level, making dining uncomfortable.

The table was inspired by the traditional Japanese "kotatsu", a thoughtful combination of a quilt, a coffee table and a heater. Kotatsu's aren't amenable to dining, however, so Hidakagu has simply extended the basic concept to the modern, everyday dining room table.

The "Stealth" dining room table by Hidakagu comes in three different sizes: 36 by 30 inches (90cm × 75cm), 48 by 30 inches (120cm × 75cm) and 56 by 32 inches (140cm × 80cm). Buyers can select from 2 colors - brown and natural wood. (via Impress Watch)


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Aug 26, 2010
by Anonymous

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