Heated Itch Relief: The Perfect Companion When Those Pesky Insects Are Out

As the summer approaches, many of us are welcoming its wealth of attributes with open arms: warm, sunny weather; plenty of daylight; beautiful flowers and plants in full bloom; and members of the opposite sex frolicking around in skimpy, revealing clothing. Bring it on.

While the summer is probably the most highly-regarded of the four seasons, there are a variety of harsh disadvantages that sit just below its sunny surface. Humidity. Thunder storms. Male joggers in short shorts. And, of course, the mosquito and his posse of  irritating, relentless brethren.

Yes, the mosquito is one unfortunate aspect of summer that we could all live better without. But he'll be there at every picnic, walk in the park and evening softball game. And you'll be covered in burningly-itchy blotches soon enough.

As satisfying as a good afternoon of vigorous scratching is, it really doesn't work outside of the comforts of your own bathroom. Try that at work and you'll quickly find yourself the latest victim of the economic downturn. An ocean of Calamine lotion is another option, but the sticky, pasty feel is only slightly more comfortable than the mosquito bite itself.

Welcome a new option to the fray--the Heated Itch Relief gizmo designed specifically for bug bites. Apply this battery-powered heating device to your bug bite and the heat "neutralizes" the proteins that are the cause of that itching and swelling. Though the mosquito gets all the infamy, this little gadget works on all kinds of bites--gnats, horseflies and fleas included.  For $17, it is slightly more expensive than the tube of anti-itch cream that you were going to buy anyway. Of course, if you prefer to do things yourself, you could always grab a hot charcoal out of the grill and try relaxing that itch away at your next BBQ.  I think the Heated Itch Relief is a better way to go, though.

via: DVICE

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May 31, 2009
by Anonymous

What? I always thought heat

What? I always thought heat made bug bites itchier... I've always found ice to be more soothing. Why does this work?

Aug 25, 2009
by Anonymous

Works on lots of itches

I got this for mosquito bites and it works! So when I got a bad case of poison ivy on my hands, and nothing worked to stop the itching, I tried this and it works very well.