Heel Condoms Change The Look Of Your Heels Instantly

Want one pair of shoes to have many looks? Want an easy way to quickly change the look of your shoes?

Problem #1:

Business trip to the big city. Meetings all day, fine restaurants and clubbing all night. Limited luggage space. How can you make one or two pairs of shoes last all week?


Problem #2:

The heel of your shoe has gotten scuffed and damaged. You don't want to throw away your favorite pair, but what else can you do?


Problem #3: 

You've worn the same pair of heels for months on end. You're tired of them, and so is everyone else, but you don't have the cash for a brand new pair. How can you get a fresh look and still come in under budget?


The Only Solution You Need

Innovator, designer and international businesswoman Sandrysabel Ortiz is familiar with all of these problems, and she has created a great solution. Heel Condoms  are a must-have accessory for women who love shoes. Heel condoms are perfect for when you want to change the look of your shoes quickly and easily.


Hot Pink Chiffon Heel CondomHot Pink Chiffon Heel Condom


Just slip the heel condoms over the heels of your pumps and your look goes from business professional to nightclub hot, eliminating the need to travel with a closet full of shoes. 


Black Suede Heel Condom with Gold ButtonsBlack Suede Heel Condom with Gold Buttons


Heel Condoms also hide heel damage, and protect undamaged shoes from bangs and scuffs. Now, that's sexy AND smart!


Leopard Print Heel CondomLeopard Print Heel Condom


Heel Condoms are available for purchase through the Heel Condom web site and with great reviews here on Amazon

They come in a variety of styles and range in price from $10 to $45, so they are way more economical than costly new shoes. One great option would be adding spikes instantly and easily to all your heels.

Slip them on and totally transform the look of your shoes instantly! 

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