"Heil Hitler Kanye West" Lambasted Via YouTube, Twitter & Obama!

When even Hitler disses Kanye West, its fairly obvious that his rabid outburst at MTV's Video Music Awards was as low rank as one could get. Getting chastised by the entire World Wide Web is not an easy task, but apparently a challenge Mr. West thought he was up for! When the portrait of an artist becomes 'vitriol gone viral,' what's a rap star to do?

Kanye West and HennessyKanye West and HennessyAfter swigging down his bottle of Hennessy, and storming the stage to cast an appalling shadow over Ms.Taylor Smith's moment in the sun, his ill-thought out diatribe was even blasted by the President of the United States. In an LA Times report, Terry Moran an ABC reporter said he overheard the president call Kanye West a "jackass" which he then tweeted throughout the Twitterverse.

In a hilarious YouTube Video, Hitler is so infuriated by the news, he calls out West as a "heartless" hack, plus several other expletives (X-rated video is subtitled for your viewing pleasure):

Is it any wonder why Kanye wasn't invited to Obama's healthcare speech in his joint session before Congress last week?

Twitter buzz tracker Trendrr recorded 300,000 "Kanye" tweets in the hour following West's stage crash, and Mashable social media blogger Pete Cashmore immediately announced the incident as the VMA’s “YouTube Moment,” that “shareable event, perhaps staged — that’s guaranteed to be at the top of YouTube and Digg by the morning (not to mention all the sharing on Facebook and Twitter).”

Based on this current controversy, coupled with West's other infamous outbursts at previous award shows, I think West might want to give Chris Brown a call and see if the two of them can get a joint discount at the nearest 'anger management' institution! (and once they've enrolled and are locked-up, hopefully someone on staff will throw away the key!)

Chris Brown & Kanye West - Cut From The Same Cloth!Chris Brown & Kanye West - Cut From The Same Cloth!

Vitriol gone viral is not a trend exclusive to Mr. West. It is a consequence of the immediacy and transparency of the social media age we live in. Ironically, it's our new watchdog commenting and critiquing on society's misconduct. No longer is the unacceptable behavior of our celebrities and politicians allowed to go unchecked, without the whole world weighing in. Damage control in a world where vitriol goes viral daily is much harder to enforce than ever before. The court of public opinion is paramount in this social media space, and cases like Kanye West and Chris Brown are just two out of the multitude of blips flickering on our real-time radar screen!

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Sep 15, 2009
by Anonymous

Say anything about me but just keep talking about me

The above comment about Kanye's sexual preferencebeing gay is as lame and limp as the poster.

At any rate, what I suggested to a friend on Linked-in "Marketers on Twitter" was

For him, we can only hope he can't overcome being turned off. Unfortunately in the world of celebrity, "Call me anything. Say anything about me good or bad. It doesn't matter. Just keep talking about me".

About a brand is another story. Remember the old adage? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

Sep 15, 2009
by Anonymous

Online Reputation Management doesn't mean its a Good Rep

Has anyone considered the possibility that he did this on purpose? He and his promoters are fully aware of the viral nature of the internet, and have experienced events that go viral. His bad-boy image was enhanced by it, he was asked to be on the premiere night of Jay Leno, he's got his name plastered all over the place, and if he takes a short hiatus and returns he'll probably be welcomed back by his fans. Where was security before and after? Why was he allowed near the stage with a 5th of booze in his hand?

Sep 15, 2009
by Anonymous

Trash, trash, trash

I don't understand the "controversy" over Kanye or any of the other so-called 'rap artists'. They aren't musicians, they have no talent other than generating PR and street buzz with their mindless criminality. They are illiterate thugs with no morals, scruples or ethics, to say nothing of social manners. They are the lowest form of white trash, except of course they aren't white. Trash, trash, trash, all of them.

Sep 15, 2009
by Anonymous

I'm tired of racist people

I'm tired of racist people post stuff about this it's not that serious... She got her moment when beyonce won... it shoulda been over then... Yall just jealous that he's a black millionaire... Black music has meaning u just too racist to even accept...

Sep 15, 2009
by Anonymous

response to "I'm tired of racist people"

so his skin color makes it ok for him to be rude? I don't think so. I am tired of anytime someone like West does some rude behavior if anyone calls it what it is, then out come all the racist accusations. that is nuts. Rude is rude I don't care what your skin color. Stop making everything a racist issue yourself, I HATE that and am sick and tired of people like you doing that. I dont give a ........how much money he has, he is not to be excused and he can keep all his money. If this is what money does to people who, in their right mind, would be jealous.

Sep 15, 2009
by Anonymous

i agree

they are thugs alright

Sep 16, 2009
by Anonymous

Kanye West

People, Mr. West is sorry for what he did. You are just now hating on him...

Sep 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Vitriol Gone Viral

The level of vitriol we're seeing these days comes from a very deep-seated, core place in some people. If a company's message avoids certain hot buttons and sticks to honest, helpful information about their services, I think they can expect positive feedback.

Sep 18, 2009
by Anonymous

RE: How to manage vitriol gone viral

The world of managed media is over. It is not possible to "overcome" vitriol gone viral. Avoidance is certainly the best stratagem and not behaving like a "jackass" to quote Obama is a good starting point.

However if you find yourself in such a position I would suggest introspection, followed by an open quest for self improvement and apology for previous behavior. This quest should be genuine, we can smell PR a mile off.

In other words behave like a human being then maybe you will be treated like one. If however you insist on behaving like some halfbreed fevered ego, fueled by public attention then be prepared to wither in the light which you seek.