HEIMPLANET's Inflatable Tents Make Camping Simpler

HEIMPLANET Inflatable TentHEIMPLANET Inflatable Tent

How long does it take you to set up a tent? How many times do you have to re-do a step, because you used the wrong rod or mixed up which sleeve to put that rod in? Personally, I claim to be an expert tent assembler, however secretly I can get very frustrated with the process. The HEIMPLANET inflatable tents eliminate that frustration. No rods. No sleeves. Just a tent and a pump.


HEIMPLANET offers three inflatable tents, each with it's own advantages. The Mavericks, pictured above, is the biggest. It was originally designed for the Red Bull Storm Chase and its design proved to be so stable (it can withstand wind forces up to 180km/h) that HEIMPLANET started to market it. 


The Cave isn't as big as the Mavericks. It only fits 2-3 people, but it still offers the same inflatable technology. With this technology, the inner tent, fly sheet and inflatable frame work together, and one person with a single pump can inflate any of these tents in at least 10 minutes. With two people and two pumps the job is cut in half.

The cheapest and smallest of the inflatable tents is the Wedge (the first picture). This tent will hold 2 people, and when I say it is the cheapest, by no means do I mean it is cheap. You pay for the convenience with these tents. The Wedge will run you around $615, the Cave about $750 and the Mavericks $6850. Also, you have to purchase the pump separately, and those are $25-55. While this is awesome technology, you can buy good quality tents that are comparable in size for less than half those prices. So the question is "How much do you hate setting up your tent?"

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