Hello Creepy Kitty: Huge Needle-Felted Cat Head Mask!

Old and busted: Cat in the Hat. New creepy hotness: Cat IS the Hat! Crafted from needle-felted wool at the Japan School of Wool Art, the one-of-a-kind colossal cat head adds a daring dash of Doctor Moreau to any chic ensemble.

Needle-felting has been employed to create disturbingly lifelike disembodied cat heads before but those heads were much smaller than actual cat heads. Now Housetu Sato and his students at the Japan School of Wool Art have revisited the concept and expanded it to a much larger scale: instead of wearing a cat head as a broach, one may wear it as a mask covering the wearer's entire head!

Sato and his class were kind enough to pose for photos wearing the huge felted cat head, presumably to creep out the world at large. You've gotta admit, they succeeded admirably!

The Cat Doll website (featuring these images and more) doesn't state whether the mask's eyes open and close like a child's doll but let's just assume they're immovable... some folks need to sleep at night.

As mentioned, there's only one needle-felted wool cat head and morbidly curious types were able to check it out up close & personal during its recent display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

While a traveling exhibit isn't in the offing, the mask's creators state they may consider selling or renting out the huge cat head at some future date. (via Laughing Squid)