Hello Kitty High-Tech Heated Toilet Seat Will Warm Your Heart

Hello Kitty fans and collectors who think they have it all can add one more item to their bucket list: a high-tech, full-featured, officially licensed Hello Kitty toilet seat that's guaranteed to warm your heart... and some other places too. 

The seat follows the now-familiar washlet design pioneered by Toto, with a wraparound extension arm that places the seat's controls at one's fingertips. Among the plethora of functions are warm-water cleansing sprays and integral seat heating. The latter is critically important during Japanese winters, when a morning encounter with a frigid toilet seat is a truly terrible way to begin one's day.

As this is an officially licensed Sanrio product, the ABS plastic seat is mainly white with pale pink trim. An enormous embossed visage of Hello Kitty takes up most of the lid's upper surface – forget about sitting down there to paint your toenails. Why such a big face and what could be secreted inside? Sanrio's not saying so never mind, citizen, just go about your business.

Now don't get TOO excited about the Hello Kitty toilet seat – the pictured version is only a prototype but it was important enough to be displayed along with other Hello Kitty branded goods (including a car!) at Sanrio headquarters in Tokyo. Er, don't bother asking for a demonstration. (via Manager Online and 3Yen)