Hello Kitty Baby/Child In The Car Sign Rocks & Rolls To Grab Drivers' Attention

The officially licensed “Hello Kitty Baby in the Car Sign” from Sanrio combines bright, contrasting colors and clever kinetic movement to ensure other drivers know your precious snowflake is riding shotgun.

Even better, the Hello Kitty Baby in the Car Sign grows with your child. A “CHILD” sticker is included, allowing you to extend the useful life of your polycarbonate plastic warning sign well into your offspring's adolescence. Yeah, I'm sure they'll just love that!

The sign measures 14 × 15 × 1.5cm (5.6 x 6 x 0.6 inches) and attaches to the inside of any car, truck or minivan rear window via an integral suction cup – no tools required. Once the sign is installed, Hello Kitty's head swings from left to right and back again while you drive, adding the critical component of movement to alert following drivers to concentrate on safe driving and have some consideration for Pete's sake.

As mentioned, the sign's tricolor graphics and design are officially licensed by Sanrio, creators of the world's cutest cat character. Instantly recognizable as a symbol of childhood innocence, Hello Kitty is especially appropriate for any baby-on-board vehicle sign. 

Of course, not everyone likes Hello Kitty or the concept of baby-on-board signs and putting the former on the latter might make some folks feel all stabby and such... but who cares? They're behind you, after all. (via White Rabbit Express)

Jun 23, 2013
by Anonymous

If I see one of these in

If I see one of these in someone's car, I'd almost feel morally obligated to ram them...