Hello Kitty Bathroom Tissue Really Makes Scents

Hello Kitty doesn't just look cute, Sanrio's most popular character EVAR now enchants our olfactory bulbs with the sweet scent of strawberry or melon! And what better place for Japan's queen of cute to emanate these awesome aromas then your bathroom?

Yes, the bathroom... well, where else are you going to put bathroom tissue? Sold in packages of a dozen double rolls each for just 398 yen (about $5.00), Hello Kitty bathroom tissue complements any delightfully decorated bathroom with its patterned print and cloying scent. Who needs air freshener when a spin of the roll does the job?

Don't like the smell of strawberries or melons? Never fear, there are aromatic alternatives. Sold by the same store at the same low low price are packages of Cinnamoroll bathroom tissue. “Cinnamoroll” shares the character corral with Hello Kitty and while you might expect a bathroom tissue featuring the charming white puppy would exude the scent of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, instead it offers up the even sweeter scent of marshmallows.

We wonder why scented bathroom tissue hasn't made the jump from Japan to other continents and countries – not that the public hasn't been beating down the stall doors to get it. Perhaps participants in market trials were concerned about the scent, er, staying with the user... yep, that would put anyone off, cute concept or not. Spare a strawberry-scented square? Sorry, we haven't got a scented square to spare. (via ChocolatLove, images via Aya1gou)