Hello Kitty Chocolates for a Purr-fect Valentine's Day

Hello Kitty is all about being cute, sweet and loving so it's only natural that Sanrio Japan would offer a variety of Hello Kitty chocolate treats for Valentine's Day.

Hello Kitty is arguably one of the world's most popular characters, rivaling even Mickey Mouse. Like MM's parent company Disney, Sanrio Japan has been extremely aggressive in exploring any possible market niche, then filling it with the appropriate Hello Kitty product.

Valentine's Day is no different, as these delicious-looking Hello Kitty chocolate treats illustrate so well. The nice folks at A Rinkya Blog are showcasing a few of the Kitty confections as well as providing a handy way to order any you find appealing.

It should be mentioned that in Japan, Valentine's Day gift-giving is usually a girl-to-boy thing with the ladies getting their own back a month later on White Day. One may assume Sanrio has a line-up of tasty White Day Hello Kitty treats waiting in the wings - getting 'em coming and going is just smart business. No telling if smart Japanese guys are saving their too-cute treats and re-gifting them, that would be just too catty.

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