Hello Kitty Color Contact Lenses Give You Cute Cat Eyes

Hello Kitty Color Contact Lenses are the next best thing to getting Japan's most popular anime character tattooed on your corneas. These extra-wide disposable contacts offer the added bonus of being “the world's first anti-radiation Kitty themed cosmetic lens.” More on that later...

The oversized, anime-look contact lenses are being sold by at least two companies: Fall In Eyez and I.Candy. The former's lenses are 14mm wide and feature a ring of Hello Kitty heads interspersed with hearts encircling a clear center. The latter are 18.5mm in width and instead of hearts employ stylized flowers to add a little extra “kawaii” to the graphics – as if they're really needed. Both are available in your choice of 8 different color tints.

Either type of lens is an improvement over the single-head Hello Kitty contact lenses (above) that appeared several years ago and have become an internet meme due to their over-the-top design.

The white Hello Kitty head covering the normally dark iris and pupil contributed to the odd and off-putting appearance of these lenses, not to mention the weird cyclops effect that resulted from the need for a transparent central porthole in each lens so that the wearer could see.

As for the anti-radiation blurb, we can only quote from the I.Candy website: “In 2011, the world's first anti-radiation kitty themed cosmetic lens was designed by one  of Korea's famous cosmetic lens manufacturer's collaboration with renowned designers.” So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

As for Fall In Eyez, according to White Rabbit Express they're the only Japanese color contact lens manufacturer having undergone clinical trials. Results aren't stated but give 'em a big A for effort and a big caveat emptor for all potential buyers.

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