Hello Kitty Grows Up with Sexy Girl Collection

With the "Sexy Collection" Hello Kitty phone charms, Hello Kitty has grown up into a bonafide Sex Kitten! I don't know about you, but there's something disturbingly SIN-derella-ish about having the classic Hello Kitty head combined with a pair of shapely, sexy legs. The fact that the intended market is female makes me feel a bit better. Except for the word "intended"...

It had to happen, I suppose... cute little girls grow up to become pretty, desirable women. But wait a minute, Hello Kitty isn't a girl, she... IT... is Sanrio's most popular character, the Icon of Cuteness. If the Simpsons can remain ageless, why can't Hello Kitty? Do we look at her sexualization as just one more case of lost innocence?

Not your child's Hello KittyNot your child's Hello Kitty

Whether or not you like Hello Kitty, the creative folks at Strapya World have tinkered with Sanrio's proven formula for success, retaining the mouthless cat head but adding a pair of shapely and seductive legs wearing sexy pink lace-up high heeled "F-me" shoes. Yikes!! With her big wide head and long slender legs, the "Sexy Collection" Hello Kitty bears a startling resemblance to Betty Boop! Hmm, I wonder if that's not just a coincidence...

Boop boop dee oop!Boop boop dee oop!

In any case, I'm assuming - no, hoping desperately - that Strapya 's new "Sexy Collection" of Hello Kitty phone strap and fastener charms appeals ONLY to the legion of female fans who have made Hello Kitty a global phenomenon. As for any guys out there who find the all-growed-up Miss Kitten of more than just passing interest, please... PLEASE drop your joystick, back slowly away from your screen, and hope it's not too late to avoid going straight to Hello Kitty Hell!

(Update: These items are no longer available. Perhaps these phone charms will charm you.)

Steve Levenstein

Japanese Innovations Writer

Oct 1, 2007
by Rose DesRochers (not verified)

Hello Kitty as a sex kitten?

Geez now they are marketing Hello Kitty as a sex kitten?  Don't they know that early sexualization of children, particularly girls, is damaging.

Oct 2, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
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They know...

I'm sure they do know, but the lure of adult demographic dollars/yen is like a siren song - as usual.

Apr 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Do you have any knowledge of

Do you have any knowledge of child psychology at all? It really depends on how it's portrayed. I do agree that this is a dumb idea though, and that kind of sexualization is damaging to young girls.


Jul 5, 2008
by Anonymous

This isn't an item for

This isn't an item for little girls. It is a small collection of cell-phone straps released only in Japan. Sanrio is a very large company with many branches, and many demographics. This item is for young Japanese women old enough to own cell-phones to put decorative straps on. Once Sanrio puts out a collection, it has some nice sales and then they close it forever to make new collections. This collection is by no means for little girls at all, small, and will go away forever in a month or so.

You must understand that Hello Kitty has a seemingly-infinite amount of collections.

Hello Kitty has been dressed up as a ballerina, fairy, several kinds of animals, mermaid, post officer, painter, cheerleader, and many too more to list. This is not the first time she has been potrayed as more glamourous and sexy than usual. There was once a series of bags which featured her as a carhop ('50s waitresses on rollerskates that serve food to cars.) There is an up-market nich'e store in Beverly Hills called Momoberry, clothing and makeup with polkadotty older Hello Kitty.

Japanese women might want to look sexual but still like Hello Kitty. Sanrio is giving them what they want, but not by making a huge line of sexual Kitty goods, (which would hurt the reputation of Hello Kitty and transform her public image from Queen of Cute to a Bratz-eque creature) but with one, tiny, limited-edition cell-phone strap (that you can't even see as the lady is walking by and it's swinging back-and-forth and is blurry thus) that will never be seen ever again, exept maybe on eBay or suchlike, once it is sold out. Compare to Bratz dolls and "blond skinny celebrity" types that are sexual full-time and not just once, on-the-side for a little mobile-charm trinket.

Jul 14, 2008
by Anonymous

Thats not right.

Thats not right.

Nov 22, 2008
by Anonymous

dumb asses that is not sexii

dumb asses that is not sexii thats hello kitty in a shoe!!!!!!!