Hello Kitty Official Tartan Blanket Warms Your Body, Drains Your Wallet

What does a $2,000 blanket look like? Well, you could knit together a couple hundred $10 bills or just buy this cashmere gladrag in official Hello Kitty Tartan plaid. 

Yes indeed, the nice folks at Japan's Sanrio and Scotland's Lochcarron have combined forces to produce the most expensive ugly blanket EVAR. Two-tone pink with blue and yellow trim... looks like the imprint on your retinas after a too-close flash photo.

Like it or not, that's the official Hello Kitty tartan for you, and Sanrio is marketing it for all it's worth - which, in 100% cashmere form, is 168,000 yen or just over 2,000 smackeroos. That's a lotta mere cash, even for cashmere. Just wait 'til little Ashleigh-Mariah pukes all over it.

The blanket measures 120 by 180 cm (48 by 72 inches) and is made in Scotland by Lochcarron. The pattern is all tartan plaid, so those expecting a giant Hello Kitty graphic can be somewhat relieved. The all-conquering feline does make an appearance, however: on a black tag in one corner of the blanket. This is one tag you'll gladly risk prosecution to remove.

Your $2,000 blanket comes packed in a pretty pink box and includes a certificate from The Scottish Register of Tartans stating that yes, this is a real, official tartan pattern irregardless of the fact that no real Scots-person would be caught dead with this thing wrapped round them. OK, well, it doesn't actually SAY that but one can read between the lines.

If you have far too much money, love Hello Kitty, and are presumably colorblind, you can order the Official Hello Kitty Tartan Cashmere Blanket from Sanrio's Japanese website. Hmm, wonder if they make kilts. (via Japan Today and Harro Kitty)

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