Hello Kitty Reversible Plush Turkey Is Officially Weird

The Hello Kitty Reversible Plush Turkey is exactly what it seems to be: a soft Hello Kitty doll that, when turned inside-out, becomes a plush roast turkey branded with the Hello Kitty logo. It's officially weird for sure, and an official product from Sanrio to boot. 

Measuring 8? by 6? by 6? and recommended for children (and presumably adults) aged 6 years and up, this curious creation may have been introduced with reference to Thanksgiving due to both the timing and the theme. Sanrio also offers a reversible Hello Kitty Hamburger, though, so maybe we're just clutching at straws in an effort to explain some reason, ANY reason, for the plush's existence.

Explainable or not, one must admit the designers at Sanrio paid close attention to both brand identification and decorative detailing when it came time to bring the bizarre concept of a Hello Kitty plush that turns inside-out and becomes a roast turkey to fruition.

As Hello Kitty, the plush clutches a turkey drumstick in one hand. As a roast turkey, the familiar HK logo is “branded” on the bird and a small red hairbow decorates one drumstick... nice touch, that. If you're hungry for a Hello Turkey (or Roast Kitty, yikes!) of your own, they're available for $28 each either at the official Sanrio website or at one of the cute mouthless cat's many brick & mortar stores. (via Hello Kitty Hell and Geek Alerts)

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