Hello Kitty Safety Helmets Put Cute Cats On Hard Hats

The Hello Kitty Series of head-protecting helmets from Japan's Tanizawa Safety Products are just as tough as those worn by hard-as-nails New Jersey construction workers... not that they'd ever allow themselves to be seen wearing them. Then again, sporting a Hello Kitty hard hat just might gain wolf-whistling jackhammer operators better results.

And they CAN wear them... these safety helmets are made to meet the exacting regulations and specifications of the workplace. In other words, their beauty is more than skin deep and wearing one could SAVE your skin in certain situations.

Hello Kitty safety helmets come in four styles: Red, Flower, Blue, and Pink. The latter two feature the familiar Hello Kitty logo against a background of multi-shaded floating hearts – the Blue helmet's pattern is stated to be a “Tanizawa Original” design.

The Flower helmet displays many small Hello Kitty logos interspersed with bouquets of flowers against a pastel rose pink background. Simply adorable... now shaddup and pass me those hot rivets!

Naturally, these Hello Kitty safety helmets are an officially licensed product approved by Sanrio, who continue in their quest to ensure no possible marketing venue is left unexplored.

Potential buyers will be pleased to know the hard hats come in a range of sizes from 53 through 62cm while children from the ages of 2 to 15 can adjust a smaller-sized helmet from 47 through 56cm. Orders may be placed via White Rabbit Express.

EDITORS NOTE: In the U.S., you can find some adorable Hello Kitty helmets here.

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Aug 22, 2013
by Anonymous

Wow,looks nice

Wow,looks nice