Hello Kitty & Shokotan Cell Phone Charms: A 'Dream Collaboration'?

Shoko Nakagawa, aka "Shokotan", has made a name for herself as one of Japan's most versatile celebrities. From her uber-popular Shokotan Blog at which she posts pics of herself with her pet cats, to putting out one hit single after another (she's released 14 thus far), to appearing on TV shows dressed in cosplay attire to freak out her fans, Shokotan is pretty much everywhere... and now, she's hanging from your cell phone in the arms of Hello Kitty. Or vice versa. Actually, both.

Shokotan's latest effort to make a pop culture splash is in conjunction with arguably the world's best-known character: Hello Kitty. These cell phone charms (or “straps”, in Japan) are designed to hang off one's mobile phone or a handy zipper like the “netsuke” toggles Japan's samurai used in lieu of pants pockets.

The charms come in 8 different color and design combinations with 4 featuring a slightly bizarre Kitty-fied Shoko holding a tiny tabby kitten and the other 4 featuring a special beige Hello Kitty holding a slightly creepy (but still cute!) miniature Shoko doll. Each charm includes a pink nameplate inscribed with one of Shokotans many catchphrases or as Strapya sez, her “famous quotes”. Celebrities, sheesh!

The Sanrio Hello Kitty x Shokotan Netsuke Cell Phone Strap (as they're officially titled) costs $6.25 for the braided-chain phone strap version.

We wish Shokotan all the best in her latest effort to sell herself, an endeavor in which she has proven herself to be a true pro... and I mean this in a good way, really. As for yours truly, I'm holding out for the “Shokotan Meets the Beetles!” cellphone charm, commemorating the time Nakagawa festooned her hair with several dozen cicada shells and by doing so, touched my slightly freaky heart.

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