Hello Kitty Wheelchair Adds Anime To Injury

The Hello Kitty wheelchair features protective spoke guards decked out in Hello Kitty patterns and bright pink upholstery displaying a pattern of Hello Kitty heads. Those clamoring for health care reform should start here.

Recently featured at the always amusing Hello Kitty Hell website, this uber-cute wheelchair has a lot in common with other Hello Kitty branded items some might feel are in questionable taste... such as adult toys, an air sickness bag, even a color coordinated toilet accessories set. 

With the Hello Kitty wheelchair, Sanrio (Hello Kitty's license holder) is treading on dangerous ground. I'm sure that whomever gave the go-ahead for this project had the best intentions in mind, and I'd like to believe that the intent was to make hospitals less frightening for children - and there is indeed a Hello Kitty Hospital in Taiwan though it's a maternity hospital.

One wonders, however, how anyone who's not a young girl will feel when they're offered a ride in the Hello Kitty wheelchair. I mean, if things have gotten to the point where you NEED a wheelchair, a sweetly decorated one really isn't going to improve your frame of mind. maybe just the opposite.

Not much info is available on the Hello Kitty wheelchair, a fact that indicates it's not an item offered for sale at the retail level. Buyers do get their choice of spoke guards: choose from Kitty Red, Kitty Cream or Kitty Family. Feeling sick yet? (via Hello Kitty Hell and In A Nutshell

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Jun 18, 2010
by Anonymous

Hello Kitty is Great for those it is intended for

I sell medical products on my website, www.good-life--medical-equipment.com I think this wheelchair is intended for use by the very people who would just love it, primarily young girls who like Hello Kitty. I find that there are not enough variety of pediatric products available. this is a product that kids who have to use a wheelchair and want something that would express their interests might truly love. I do not understand why there is any reason to be negative about it.

Jun 27, 2010
by Anonymous

A Different View on This

I think your looking at this from the wrong angle. I've been a wheelchair user since 2004 due to a spinal cord injury. Although I'm an adult and wouldn't want a Hello Kitty wheelchair myself, I DO put a lot of thought into the look of the wheelchairs I have. I like to show my personality through them, as do most other wheelchair users.

You said:

"I mean, if things have gotten to the point where you NEED a wheelchair, a sweetly decorated one really isn't going to improve your frame of mind. maybe just the opposite."

When I was in the hospital using a bright green folding almost hospital style wheelchair I didn't feel particularly good about myself, but when they rolled my new red rigid frame wheelchair into the room with light up castors and I sat in it for the first time I felt so much better! It was sporty and I felt good that I had a nice wheelchair that I could show off seeing how I needed one!

If you were in the situation where you knew you needed a wheelchair would you rather be given some generic looking plain contraption, or something that looked good and fit into your personality. It's a bit like choosing a car.

I bet the Hello Kitty wheelchair has made a lot of young girls very happy because they like the wheelchair they are using and their self-esteem is up because of it!