Hellophone Saves Your Cell From The Jaws Of Your Toddler


Kids love gadgets and not just the pretend ones that are made to look like the real thing, but your actual stuff.  Even very small children seem to know that remotes and cell phones are something that they want to have.  Who knows what it is that allows them to sniff out the real thing, but it is tough to keep those gadgets working when someone is constantly chewing on them and hammering away at the buttons.

The Hellophone, dubbed “Baby’s First Smartphone”, is made to look cool, but also withstand the beatings that little kids will undoubtedly put it through.  The colors are bright and the patterns are funky.  How can they possible resist that over your regular old phone? 



Each Hellophone flips open just like a real cell phone and plays recordings added by parents and loved ones.  This could be a great feature for kids whose grandparents or other family members live far away.  You could have them record a few messages to be played whenever your child wishes.  Other buttons on the phone play songs and sound effects.

I am not sure if this would ultimately fool them; those little guys are awfully good at telling the difference, but it looks like it would be fun for them.  It also may bring a little extra comfort whenever you have to be away from them for a while.  You can grab your own Hellophone here.

Source: ThinkGeek.    

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