HelloTag Lets The Whole Store Know Those Pants Won't Fit You

In an effort to make department store shopping far more accessible and slightly more embarrassing, designer Moonhawn Lee has invented the HelloTag.

The ingenious little gadget is designed to hang on the front of clothing - and actually on the outside, unlike the typical tags that are either ripped or mysteriously "missing" inside most clothing, leading to hilarious changing-room antics as "these look like size [blank]" pants quickly turns in to "these are in fact [TRIPLE-XXXL-blank]!!" pants.

Made mostly for those with vision or other impairments, HelloTags do contain basic printed information such as type of item, size, color, and price. Using an RFID system, the tags also have this data stored in a small chip. When a button on the tag is depressed, the information on the tag is played aloud through a microphone, making it easy to know exactly what kind of short-shorts you're trying to get in to.

Information: Is Stylish.Information: Is Stylish.

At a basic level, this is a great idea. Standard tags are, as mentioned above, often missing or non-existent, and finding relevant details about an item can be difficult without the aid of those rarest of creatures - sales associates. They are typically only sighted at random locations known as "checkouts", often thick with floor traffic. They rarely venture from this safe haven to the wilds of the department store floor.

The potential problems with the HelloTag system are twofold. First - how easy are these tags to detach? If the answer is anywhere from easy to moderately difficult, then kids will have a heyday switching tags on items for hilarity. They will likely consider it a god-given mission to try and convince some poor blind old man to try on a pair of pants as a "shirt".

Second, a great many shoppers have turned to things like, say, online shopping because they don't really like other shoppers. Other shoppers tend to be stinky and judgemental, and announcing to the whole women's side of the department store that you've gained two sizes is not something that most shoppers would care to do.

Still, the concept is a good one, simply for ease of access. Perhaps the tags could be modified as a theft deterrent as well - "Warning, warning, this man has stolen me from the department store. He is too fat to wear me. Warning!"

Technology. Always making our lives more hilarious.

Source: Tuvie