Help 3D URBEE2’s Printed Car Makers To Design Iconic Insignia!

The team behind the world’s first 3D printed automobile are getting ready to roll out their latest prototype, the URBEE 2, and they need your help to create the car’s signature insignia.


Just like Ford’s blue oval and Ram Truck’s “ram head in a shield” designs, the URBEE 2 needs a token insignia that represents URBEE brand, its concentrated efforts to being the most sustainable car on the market and how the URBEE is clean, innovative, simple and all-around special. It’s up to you to think of a logo that would both suit the world’s most environmentally friendly car, and look great on the URBEE’s steering wheel, hood emblem, key fob, fenders and promotional materials.


In addition to the prizes that the top ten designers earn for their efforts, the ultimate URBEE insignia creator receives the first prize: a bag of cool URBEE swag and an invitation to become an ongoing contributing member of the URBEE Team. Not only is it cool to have your name associated with such an innovative car, but you’ll always be able to impress new clients with the work adopted by the URBEE Crew.


The URBEE Team is looking for a digital rendering of your imaginative insignia, but you’ll want to carefully read over the rules so you can knock their socks off with extra submitted file formats and an explanation as to how your design best represents the URBEE 2. Click here to submit your URBEE insignia to the judges, but make sure that you do before the cut-off date. (November 22nd, 2013) How would you brand the first 3D printed car?  While the idea of a sustainable 3D printed car really is incredible, I can’t be the only one who thinks that the URBEE 2 looks and sounds like a drivable electric razor, right? Good luck, designers!

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