The Birds Get Their Revenge In The Angry Birds Video Game

Bright graphics, lively music, and the occasional flying bird greet you in the main menu of the Angry Birds video game. Millions of gamers have touted it as one of the most addictive games on the planet, and it's not hard to see why. By the time I got on the Angry Birds bangwagon, the game already had a huge following and game-related merchandise like plush toys and sweaters were selling like hotcakes!

A short introduction shows you why the birds are so angry: the evil green pigs have stolen their eggs and they want their revenge. The premise of the game is to launch the birds with a slingshot to destroy the structure that houses the green pigs, sending them to their doom in the process. You control the angle of release which determines the speed and the bird's trajectory towards the pigs, so it's a definite advantage if you've got your basic physics down pat.

The pigs are initially housed in simple structures with wooden supports but they will get more complicated and challenging in the succeeding levels. You will eventually encounter pigs in helmets encased in structures reinforced with boulders, glass panels, bricks, or concrete pillars.

You only get to launch red birds when you're starting out, but you'll get a wider variety of birds that have different abilities to help you literally bring down the pigs in further levels. For example, after you send a blue bird flying through the sky, an extra tap (or click) will split it into three separate birds. The yellow birds give you an extra burst of speed, the white birds contribute by laying explosive eggs over your targets, and the black birds explode, blowing up their green enemies into oblivion.

You only get a limited number of birds per level, so strategize and use them wisely because you can't get through to the next stage if you don't manage to wipe out all the pigs in the current one. The gameplay is extremely versatile and it will keep you entertained and on your toes, whether you have five minutes to kill or a few hours to spare.

Angry Birds was initially launched for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad but its immense popularity prompted Rovio Mobile, its developer, to bring the game to many different platforms including the PC , PSP, and Android. This game has received cartloads of positive reviews, but trust me when I say that it definitely lives up to the hype-- you will not be disappointed.


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