Help Effettievoluti Design Multi-Purpose Furniture, Win 1,500 Euros!

Young Italian design studio Effettievoluti, is looking for imaginative designers to run with their idea of the all-in-one piece of furniture. If you can dream up a functional and attractive chair/sofa/bed/mat, then you may earn 1,500 euros for your design!


Effettievoluti has already released its first commercial design: Donna, the multifunction armchair. A Donna easily bends to become a loveseat, recliner, sofa and my personal favorite, a laptop-supporting chair. The team is looking for inspirations for their next piece of versatile furniture tentatively titled “Flexible Shapes.”
Flexible Shapes is going to be a highly flexible piece of equipment with steel frames and easily bendable hinges at the device’s core.  Effettievoluti is hoping that interested inventors from around the world will lend their creative talents for a chance to earn a 1,500 euro prize for their favorite design will keep the following guidelines in mind:

 Donna (The chair, not the lady)Donna (The chair, not the lady)

The final Flexible Shapes should be able to transform into a wide variety of usable furnishings, ranging from a coffee table and sofa, to an arm chair, decorative pouf and beyond. Note the “flexible” half of the design’s name- The final model needs to be able to adapt and bend to anyone’s living space. Do you see “Flexible Shapes” as an indoor or outdoor furnishing? Take into consideration the upholstery and fabrics that will be used to stuff and cover the “FS.”  Above all else, be sure to proudly showcase how your take on their idea can morph into whatever the user needs with one to five images of the prototype!

The Flexible Shapes contest is open to all inventors and designers of all ages from every nation. All you need to do to enter is submit images of your take of what you’d imagine Flexible Shapes to be at this website to enter. If you have multiple ideas, feel free to enter them as separate submissions. Take your time with the designs, as you have until October 1st to submit your ideas to the contest. Head over here to submit your designs.

 The many forms of DonnaThe many forms of Donna

Click here for more information about the Flexible Shapes contest, and click here to check out what the Effettievoluti crew has been up to. Have fun reimagining my living room, Inventors!