Help I Need Help: Green Packaging for Red Hot Pain

The four P's of marketing are Product, Place, Promotion and Price; however, maybe corporate America should add one more: Packaging.  Not only is packaging the first thing most consumers will ever see, it's also becoming increasingly important to consumers that the products they buy are eco-conscious.  Tech gadgets (and even a curling iron I recently bought) are doing away with paper-printed user manuals and turning to CD-R and DVD manuals.  Styrofoam packing peanuts are quickly disappearing as inflated plastic bubbles take over.  Many companies are turning to packaging that is recyclable or even better - made from recycled products.  In this eco-conscious society, consumers are evermore concerned about the effect of packaging on the environement.

 Eco-UNFriendly Packaging Is On It's Way OUT!Eco-UNFriendly Packaging Is On It's Way OUT!

"Help" is aware of this concern and profiting from it.  Created with the aim to solve "simple health issues simple," the company contends, "By stripping away some of the complexity and fear mongering of the health industry, we hope to make medicine friendlier and more accessible, and in doing so empower people to make their own health decisions."

Eco-Conscious Packaging and Straightforward Remedies: Help I Need HelpEco-Conscious Packaging and Straightforward Remedies: Help I Need Help

Personally, when I have a raging migraine, I have no qualms about taking a complex, fear mongering Excedrin, but that's just me.  However, being the green fiend that I am, I might be more likely to reach for a medication that uses eco-friendly packaging (given that the medication does, in fact, solve the headache problem).  "Help I Need Help" meds come in packaging made from molded paper pulp and bioplastic composed primarily of corn.  And they're actually honest about why: "We use these materials because they're interesting to look at, and they are compostable."  They add that decomposition of a package could someday result in the growth of a tree, which you could cut down to make a speed boat.  

At one time the company had an online, ongoing record of a mini-experiment they were conducting to prove the decomposition of the packaging; however, after 285 days and 20 hours, the experiment was infested with worms... and something about an old man.  Nonetheless, they promise to begin a new experiment at a later date.  Personally, I enjoy their frank honesty if nothing else.

Help I Need Help Medications: $4 EachHelp I Need Help Medications: $4 Each

The names of the meds they sell include: Help I have a Blister, Help I Can't Sleep, Help I Have a Headache, Help I've Cut Myself, Help I Have an Aching Body, Help I Have Allergies, and Help I Have the Sniffles.  If you're not having any health issues at the moment, you're likely I experiencing some other common issue (or will be at some point).  Check out Help I'm Bored to solve issues like Help I Have Conspiratorial Cats, Help I'm Forever Alone, Help I'm Overeducated and Underpaid, and a great deal others.  Not only green, but down to earth as well: single packs are only $4.  You can Help I Need Help products at places like Target, Duane Reade, and

Source: Help I Need Help