Help Keep the Roads A Little Safer With DriveAssist

As cell phones become more advanced and get more buttons/gizmos/toys, they will also require more attention. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that such attention shouldn't be taken away from driving to satisfy the phone requirement, which is why Aegis Mobility has developed a system to keep you focused on the road and not your keypad.

The new system has been named DriveAssist and so far its looks very promising. The system works on a very basic principal, if you don't get phone calls or text messages while you are driving, you won't have to answer them. This isn't to say you won't find out they called though.

TO determine when it is unsafe for you to talk on the phone, DriveAssist will track the speed at which you, and in turn your phone, are moving. Once a certain speed has been reached, the system will no longer allow calls to reach you. But instead of refusing the calls, the system will keep a log of everyone that tried to call or send you something and then forward them to your phone once it has determined you are no longer driving.

For people who take a taxi or some form of mass transit, there is an override function that will allow you to receive your calls and data even though the predetermined threshold has been reached. Emergency calls will function as normal so there is no need to worry about safety issues, and in certain cases, the system can provide the current location of your vehicle to a caller.

The system is software based and will be offered through all major cellular carriers by the beginning of next year, although none have adopted it yet. It is also being backed by the Nationwide Insurance company, so a discount may also be part of the package deal. Either way, the number of traffic incidents is rising, with many being related to driver distraction. This system could play a large part in bringing that number back down.

Source : MotorAuthority
Oct 31, 2008
by Anonymous

Nice,but not great...The

Nice,but not great...The best thing to do is to stop the car and answer the call.

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