Help Keep Them Quiet At The Table With The Chew Chew Train


Have you ever noticed that twinkle in kids’ eyes when they order off the children’s menu and are served their food in a special box?  They delight in unpacking it and checking out all of the contents.  True, there is often a toy inside that adds to the excitement, but I think that part of it is also the fancy packaging.  It’s like everything tastes better when it is in a fancy box.



With the Chew Chew Train by Urban Trend you can create special kid meals at home.  Maybe your picky little eater would enjoy eating his vegetables if they were served in a toy train; then again, maybe not.  It is a pretty cute idea though.  If nothing else maybe it will keep them entertained while you enjoy your dinner.



When all of the pieces are together it looks like a toy train, but it comes apart to be a plate, a couple of side dish bowls and a cup.  There is even a fork and spoon attached.  Parents and kids can choose from the red/blue/grey train or the pink/purple white one.

All aboard!  Next stop...hopefully PeacefulDinnerVille.  You can find the Chew Chew Train here

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