Help Wanted: Why Obama Seeks A New 'Social Networks' Manager?

You got the skills to run all of the governments social networks accounts such as Twitter and Facebook? Do you know the difference between friends, followers and fans?  If so, Obama wants you. Here's a chance for all those social media gurus out there to show your mettle and work for the number one honcho in the land. Just think about it  - you may only be a tweet away from landing one of the most important gigs of your social media career. That is - after you investigate why their current Twitterer In Charge is leaving her post?

Obama's Social Networks Manager position applicationObama's Social Networks Manager position application

Do you have the following qualifications to become Obama's next Social Networks Manager? Check out what America's Chief Officer is looking for:

  • Excellent writing and editing skills with strong attention to detail; your writing is strong, sharp, and personable
  • Strong organizing and campaigning instincts; you can craft messages that move people to act, and you know what actions will achieve the right impact at the right time
  • Strong familiarity with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.
  • Ready to work hard; this isn’t a 9-5 sort of job
  • Ability to work under deadline pressure
  • Ability to manage multiple complex projects
  • Passionate about engaging millions of Americans in advancing President Obama's agenda and changing the country
  • Candidates must be willing to relocate to Washington, DC

Preference given for experience with:

  • Online organizing experience with an electoral campaign, advocacy organization or non-profit
  • Complex project management
  • Experience using social media for organizing

Considering myself a Social Media Scientist of sorts, I would have submitted my resume for the position but was quickly turned off by the disclaimer, that read: "Ready, to work hard, this isn't a 9-5 sort of job." Geez, I thought social media was a 'cush' assignment?

Mia Cambronero, previous Social Networks MgrMia Cambronero, previous Social Networks Mgr
So how do qualified candidates prepare themselves for an interview with the President? Well, it's always wise to check out who held this position previously and why that person is leaving. Upon conducting some social media sleuthing on my own, I started wondering what could have possibly led Mia Cambronero to resign, or was she let go because she was caught tweeting when she should have been Facebooking?

Additional research uncovered that Ms.Cambronero in addition to covering the administration's Twitter account also maintained one of her own under the handle @mpc27. And I conjectured she may have been let go, because she appears to 'freak out' whenever a winter storm hits DC.

But this surely could not be enough to dismiss someone from their post?  Subsequently, as if Ms. Cambronero knew what I was up to, within minutes of me going back to her profile to check out her other entries, she immediately protected her tweets so only her followers could look at any additional incriminating evidence. Smart lady this Ms. Cambronero!

Mia Cambronero Protects Her Tweets minutes after I was reviewing them!Mia Cambronero Protects Her Tweets minutes after I was reviewing them!
However as you can see from Cambronero's profile page she is following Mashable, the leading social media blog in the land, so perhaps if Pete Cashmore is following her back, he might be able to take my lead and conduct his own investigative report. Pete, are you up for the task?

According to a Wall Street Journal report, they noted that Cambronero  told them she was "stepping down from my infamous role as 'Barack Obama's twitterer"...and then noted that the administration "was looking for someone who is available to start immediately."

So, are you ready to assume the prestigious position of Chief Twit or Secretary of All Things Social? With a boss who doesn't choose to tweet himself, one has to wonder if the candidate selected for this job will have to spend more time getting their tweets approved by Obama then actually conducting the tasks of the job at hand.

But a tip to all job applicants - when you interview, you might want to assure the president that a little inclement weather does not cause you to go into panic mode, and that like the civil servants that work for the Postal System neither sleet, rain or snow should keep you from your appointed tweets.

Good luck on the interview!


Feb 16, 2010
by Anonymous

You are probably trying to

You are probably trying to be sarcastic in this post, but dont you think that it's interesting that people are even focused on this. People are still looking for jobs and other ways to have income. I don't see why she would put that on the President's twitter. I dont care if he wasnt the president...that was very unprofessional...I like how u wrote this...because ur right..her tweet did seem too personal. I dont know what's going on with the world today. I would take the job, but I cant relocate to DC. It's interesting to me...just threw me off a lil bit.

Mar 2, 2010
by Anonymous

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Oct 26, 2010
by ChrisCooper

I think the job title needs

I think the job title needs work. Something like 'My Twit Face Admin'.