Hennessey Performance Reveals 1000 Horsepower Venom GT…Denys Targeting Veyron

Hennessey Performance is known for making some of the fastest cars on the road. Their most powerful vehicle to date is the Venom 1000TT Viper SRT, which takes the stock Viper V10 and boosts it until power reaches excess of 4 digits. This was apparently not enough however as the Hennessey Team has released images of their new concept vehicle: The Venom GT.

Not surprisingly, the Venom GT will use the same drivetrain as the 1000TT Viper, but will be propelling an ever-so-light 2700lb vehicle rather than the 3640lb Viper. A quick punch of the calculator buttons leads to an astonishing 2.7lbs for every horsepower.

That massive amount of power and lack of weight reportedly yields 0-60 times of less than 2.5 seconds and 0-100 in about 14 seconds. The mid-ship engine layout will provide a solid feel in the corners and the low weight will also ensure no turns will be left un-navigated.

Interestingly enough, Hennessey is denying the Venom GT as a "Veyron Slayer." He has said he will leave that to the 1000TT Viper. He is also quick to point out that his 1000TT beat the Veyron from 0-200 in a race held earlier this year. Considering the Venom GT is much lighter and shares the same drivetrain, it is safe to say that if put against the Veyron, the Venom has quite the advantage.

Hennessey is currently looking at building 2 of the concepts to show to the public sometime before the end of the year.

Aug 20, 2009
by Anonymous

Darn Price Tag $

Love 2 Rent.
Be neat to drive on I-15 to Las Vegas or in NV State alone.
Nice, flat, some hilly features.
Go 120 mph.

Darn fuel costs & insurance.